Ajatec RIM Casting (Reaction Injection Molding) service, is using thermosetting polymers and silicone molds to create parts similar to injection molding. In the process polymer liquids (polyol and isocyanate) is dispensed by industrial pumps into a mix-head and pressed with low pressure into a silicone or hybrid mold. As we are using low-pressure RIM, economical silicone tools can be used to produce high quality casting in thermosetting plastics.

Typical applications are low volume production of technical plastic parts used in multiple industries.

Compared to the 3-4 casting per day in vacuum casting, curing time in RIM is much faster. The admittedly longer production time of reaction injection molding compared to injection molding, is more than offset by its benefits to design, flexibility and cost-efficiency, not to mention the wide ranges of part size and design uniqueness, not available in injection molding.