Why Digital Manufacturing

1. Increase Speed 

Short manufacturing turnaround times enable multiple design iterations which increase quality and reduces risks.

Products can be launched to market faster which gives you an edge towards your competitors.

2. Design Better 

The consultative sales of Ajatec can highlight potential issues and suggest alternative technical solutions. Proto Labs automated design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis provides free guidance when designing the features of your product and we are able to suggest alternative manufacturing alternatives, if your geometry demands.

Application engineers are available to discuss design and offer customer support. Our long experience with multiple production techniques, ensures you get best possible technical support.

3. Reduce Risk

Depending on your particular project and geometry, we have alternatives to offer for all the different phases of your R&D and also Production. 3D Printing is a viable alternative in an increasing number of projects. With cost-effective aluminium tooling we can validate design before capital investment in steel tooling is made, but in some cases it might be a better solution to go straight for the steel tool.

Digital Manufacturing also enable On-demand production capability to help manage demand volatility and inventory optimization. Together with our partner, Ajatec offers companies solutions for in-house production capacity with a scale to help customers in production delays and capacity issues.

Our Sales Engineers will be able to assist you in all these considerations. Please, contact customerservice@ajatec.eu for more information.