SLS or Selective Laser Sintering, is one of four different additive technologies offered by Ajatec Prototyping. SLS uses a CO2-laser to solidify polyamide powder to parts. Due to the use of powder, SLS parts are usually more robust and withstand higher heat, than same parts produced with SL technology. However, surface quality is not as good and small details might be missing. In SLS we are abel to use the full volume of the building platform, which often means lower price per parts, especially in orders including multiple geometries and sets.

Technical Specifications for Selective Laser Sintering

 Standard lead time 5 days from order
Standard accuracy ±0.25mm tai ±0.0015mm/mm, kumpi on suurempi.
Minimum wall thickness We recommend a wall thickness of >1mm
Maximum part dimensions 700 x 380 x 580mm
Typical quantities typically 20-25 copies per mold
Surface structure

Materials for Selective Laser Sintering

We sinter in PA2200 (PA12), PA3200GF and PS. Our finishing team will create specific surface and is able to color parts in custom colors (NCS or RAL codes)