Although SLA is the oldest form of 3D printing, and many other types of additive manufacturing now exist, this original technology is still used today. Advances in materials, software and hardware have kept Stereolithography an important technology within 3D printing industry. SL is still the best alternative for transparent parts, stiff parts and for parts with high tolerance requirement. The surface finish and a general feel of “plastic” is also best in SL parts. This is why Stereolitography is technology of choice for F1 industry for wind tunnel testing. With right material selection, SL offers a lot of value to mechanical designers in many industries.

Technical Specifications for Stereolitography

 Standard lead time 3 days from order
Standard accuracy ±0.05 mm – ±0,1 mm
Minimum wall thickness We recommend a wall thickness of >1mm
Maximum part dimensions 736 x 635 x 533 mm
Typical quantities 1-100 parts
Surface structure Multiple structures can be offered

Materials for Stereolitography

We 3D print in different materials that offer a broad range of technical specifications. Our finishing team create specific surfaces and is able to paint parts in custom colors (NCS or RAL codes) and finishes.